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Hauled Water
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How is bulk water delivered?

We use technology to monitor tank levels and when water is needed potable water is delivered.

What size tank is used for residences on hauled water?

We prefer 3,000 to 5,000 gallon tanks.

How much water does a residence consume a month?

The typical Arizona residence without extensive landscaping or pool uses approximately 276 gallons a day.  

Hauled potable water residences use approximately 217 gallons a day.

Is hauled water sanitized?

All potable water delivered is sanitized by the supplier and the tanks in trucks are maintained to State of Arizona standards assuring a safe and reliable drinking water source.

Does someone need to be home for bulk water delivery?

No, our experienced staff can serve the needs of our customers without direct interaction.

Cost of hauled water in Rio Verde?

We deliver to Rio Verde foothills potable water on a daily basis.  Call for details on a water services quote.

Best water hauling service in Rio Verde?

Sixteen-years of experience hauling Rio Verde water with our fleet of water trucks, experienced personal, and use of technology gives Dynamite Water a clear lead in delivering Rio Verde foothills potable water.

What is the Rio Verde water problem?

There are approximately 692 residential water wells in the Rio Verde foothills, serving an estimated 864 residences.  There are approximately 842 residences requiring 60 million gallons a year of hauled water.  Scottsdale has supplied approximately 48 million gallons a year, and Global has supplied 12 million gallons a year to the Rio Verde foothills.  Scottsdale has notified residences in the Rio Verde foothills that the access of water haulers to serve properties outside the City limits will be terminated January, 1 2023.

What is the solution to the Rio Verde water problem?

We are working with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the Arizona Department of Water Quality to ensure all our Rio Verde foothills potable water customers have access to water in 2023, and are confident our solution will be cost-effective and keep the cost of hauled water in Rio Verde at reasonable levels.

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