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We Deliver Commercial Hauled Water and Industrial Water Statewide in Arizona

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Dynamite Water

28150 N. Alma School Pkwy

Suite 103-486

Scottsdale, AZ 85262

T: (602) 620-9667


We need a lot of water to keep our manufacturing plant's cooling system and mechanical systems operating can you handle that type of workload?

We have many clients that require fresh water around the clock for their manufacturing operations.  We own a fleet of trucks available 24/7 to meet your short, or long-term needs.

What advantages are there for using Dynamite Water to meet our factories needs?

With sixteen-years experience our dedicated staff are on-hands operators who make sure that the trucks, and drivers are prepared and ready to go for even the most demanding runs.  We solve problems, and provide an unbroken supply-line of high quality water at the right price.

What is the cost of commercial hauled water in Arizona?

Actual costs vary with distance and quantity.  We deliver to commercial and industrial water users on a daily basis.  Call for details on a water services quote.  We also haul-off industrial waste water to qualified dump locations across Arizona.

Best commercial water hauling service in Arizona?

Sixteen-years of experience water hauling in Arizona with our fleet of water trucks, experienced personal, and use of technology gives Dynamite Water a clear lead in delivering water anywhere in Arizona.  We focus on controlling costs to lower prices to our customers.

How is bulk water delivered?

We have a fleet of tanker trucks and use technology to monitor tank levels and when water is needed potable water is delivered.  Or, call the office to schedule a needed delivery.

What is the Arizona water problem?

Rapid growth and western state drought problems have required a cut in Central Arizona Project Canal water to primarily agricultural users.  Some aquifers are being depleted resulting in once productive wells going dry.

What is the solution to the Arizona water problem?

At Dynamite Water we are working with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the Arizona Department of Water Resources to ensure all our water customers have access to water in 2023.  We are confident our solution will be cost-effective and keep the cost of hauled water at reasonable levels.

Is hauled water sanitized?

All potable water delivered is sanitized by the supplier and the water in the tanks of trucks are maintained to State of Arizona standards assuring a safe and reliable drinking water source.

Does someone need to be at the site for bulk water delivery?

No, our experienced staff can make the deliveries without direct interaction.


Serving Arizona Since 2006

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