Dynamite Water helping the community of San Carlos


It has been one week since the Whitetail Fire started in the north-central part of the San Carlos Apache Reservation and it has grown to over 24,105 acres. The Sawmill Fire, in the northeast of the reservation and approximately 15 miles east of the Whitetail Fire, is now approximately 848 acres. Both fires are burning in rugged grassland and woodland terrain. Crews continue to work to try to confine the fires using surrounding roads and natural barriers. In a few instances, crews have struggled to contain and suppress fire in places where the Whitetail Fire has managed to jump one of these roads.

Dynamite Water is providing support for Fire crews in the area.

Please avoid roads and areas near the fire due to heavy fire traffic and fire hazards. Road 1200 to Blue River, and roads 1220, 1400, and 1500 near the fire should be avoided. Safety for firefighters and the public is the number one priority. If community members are planning to be near Warm Springs, please be aware of potentially heavy fire traffic. Fire vehicles may also be coming through town, so drive with caution.

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